Team of Physicians for Students (TOPS)

Our practice continues to be an active force in community health care in Arizona, and we are a leading participant in the Arizona-based TOPS program, whih makes sports screenings available to student athletes from all walks of life. For more information about TOPS, please visit

Wellness Clinic

At Steingard Medical Group, we believe in not only treating specific diseases, but the overall wellness of our patients. In conjunction with regular medical care, we are starting intensive one-on-one visits with our Clinician Tiffany Tapia. Visits are tailored to the individual patient needs and wellness goals.

Personalized visits will include teaching and guidance for:

  • Accurate body fat evaluation
  • Cholesterol management
  • Diabetes management
  • Exercise management
  • Weight loss management without medication

Down’s Syndrome Network

Jason Turner, M.D. is the network director of the DS Network. A group that focuses on advocacy, awareness and education for Down’s Syndrome. To learn more please visit DSNetworks.